New Luxury Airline Announced for Dogs

Bark Air announces that it is launching new luxury flights for dogs and their humans.

The world's first jet service for dogs has been announced; however, the airline isn’t cheap.

A one-way ticket will cost you $6k.

The Breakdown

BARK, the dog toy company that has a very popular treat subscription service called BarkBox, has certainly found its target demographic of very, very spoiled furry companions.

The company is partnering with a jet charter service to give dogs their own first-class flight experience.

Flying pets such as dogs or cats across long distances is often a very challenging and stressful endeavor. Each airline has different policies for pet travel. For example, American Airlines only allows small dogs onboard in small carriers that have to be placed underneath the seat in front of you. Large dogs must be stowed in the cargo space, which has been found to be a very stressful spot for pets due to the loud noise of the engine and separation from the owner.

For United Airlines, pets can fly in the cabin only if there is enough space on the aircraft, and they must be able to fit in a carrier underneath your seat. This means that not all pets are able to fly.

The Service

Bark Air attempts to solve this problem with an expensive white glove solution resembling a human’s first-class experience.

The first BARK Air flight will take off on May 23. So far, just two flight routes are available, both from New York’s Westchester County Airport, flying to either London Stansted Airport or Los Angeles’s Van Nuys Airport.

The pets are pampered and treated as first-class VIP passengers. These furry passengers can skip the TSA checkpoints and screenings, instead experiencing a simple check-in process where they are able to meet the other dogs on the flight, and the human passengers are served a meal cooked on board by on-site checks.

While boarding, the BARK Air concierge is on hand to ensure the dogs are socializing and adjusting well to the onboard environment. Each flight undergoes “Dogs Fly First” flight preparations, which include “calming pheromones, music, and researched colors that dogs prefer.” To make the flying experience as enjoyable and easy as possible for the dogs, they are given access to various aid items such as calming treats, noise-canceling ear muffs, and calming jackets. During takeoff and landing, dogs are given a beverage of their choice to help their ears adjust to the cabin pressure and as many treats as they like.

If only regular airlines treated us humans this well!

This was one of those fun stories, but i’m guessing you want the real-stuff? Fine. I got you👇

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