Dude Perfects $100 Million+ Investment Is A Change Changer

Popular YouTube channel Dude Perfect scores more than $100 million in investment.

Once just a trickshot YouTube channel, the popular five-man group is expanding to bigger and better things. 

You said, how much money?!?

The team has secured a significant nine-figure investment, in the range of $100 million to $300 million, from private investment firm Highmount Capital. This investment will support Dude Perfect’s new venture to expand beyond the creator economy.

Labeled as “Dude Perfect 2.0” the team plans to open a retail store, launch a streaming platform, introduce more lines of toys and games into Walmart, and lastly open a $100 million theme park.

The Background

The Dude Perfect YouTube channel has exploded since its start in 2008 at Texas A&M. Now boasting over 60 million subscribers and 17 billion views, it's the 35th most subscribed channel in the world, according to data from Social Blade.

But Dude Perfect is so much more than a YouTube channel. With more than 25 employees based in its Frisco, Texas headquarters, the team owns a giant complex where they record their videos. They have also secured major brand partnerships, even had their own smoothie at Smoothie King, a line of Nerf gun products, and even their own board game.

It pays to be a YouTuber. 

Making Moves

Dude Perfect is steamrolling ahead.

Now, Dude Perfect wants to create the next Disney. 

The team believes that the next big thing is in-person experiences. The YouTube channel is big on family friendliness as its demographic is slated to young children. Adding an in-person theme park is the next logical step, as it fits their target audience to a tee. 

Dude Perfect's $100 million theme park render.

Dude Perfect's $100 million theme park render.

Their theme park will essentially bring their videos to life and give children an opportunity to experience what it is like to participate in real live video experiences. The idea is to let attendees experience Dude Perfect in real life through activities such as throwing a baseball through a moving car, 100-pin bowling, rage rooms, mini-golf, and a 300-foot basketball shot from the top of the Dude Perfect tower.

However, building a theme park is no easy task, and that's where private equity money comes into play. As the theme park gets built, the team continues to plan videos and jump-start their other ventures.

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