The Billionaire Building The First Hotel in Space.

Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos have both invested billions into space startups, but these billionaires have made their money in other industries.

Kamal Gafarian is the only billionaire whose Fortune comes entirely from space startups. The entrepreneur has made a huge impact on the US Aerospace and defense industry; however, what is interesting to consider is that Kamal was born in Iran and didn't arrive in the US until age 17.

After working for big defense companies, Kamal started Stinger Ghaffarian Technologies (SGT) in 1994, which became one of NASA's largest providers of engineering services. The company was later sold for 355 million

Kamal's newer companies are a bit more ambitious. Intuitive Machines, which develops Lunar Landers went public earlier this year. The company's unmanned mission is scheduled for January 2024, and it is in a tight race to be the first private space venture to land on the moon.

NASA's Artemis program aims to send astronauts back to the Moon in 2025, and companies that can lead supply missions to the Moon's surface are critical to its success. 

Kamal is also the founder of Axom Space, which aims to build the first private space station focused on tourism. The new startup raised 350 million this past August at a multi-billion dollar valuation.

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